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27.04.17 – ROB WISE & MANDY BURNS: reinventing volunteering and community engagement

Introducing Rob Wise and Mandy Burns, from Be Collective – the new social enterprise platform reinventing volunteering – as our next WOMANZ keynote speakers

Four years ago Rob Wise challenged the notion of how we connect goodwill in our communities. He founded Be Collective, a social enterprise and digital platform to mobilise and encourage us to contribute to our community by doing what we can, when we can.

Be Collective enables each person to manage their own volunteering online. You can search for roles, apply and collate volunteering commitments over a lifetime (as a Social Resume) at the touch of a button. Additionally, Be Collective provides volunteer management to any organisation, anywhere, regardless of size. Because it is the only platform that verifies volunteering activity, it is the first source of live data and insights on volunteering with an organisational, local, national and global scope. The Be Collective movement is bringing together forward thinking people of all backgrounds, from every sector who share a common belief we can do things better and create stronger, happier, healthier and more impactful communities by working together more meaningfully. With this in mind Mandy Burns, previously CEO of a leading children’s charity activating volunteering across Australia, joined Be Collective as Director of Stakeholder Development – with her sights set firmly on a social revolution. Hear from Rob and Mandy as they introduce the Be Collective platform, the opportunities for positive social change and the creation of tangible solutions to social challenges like unemployment and health. Attracting change makers across the globe, Mandy and Rob will describe the early adoption of Be Collective in New Zealand and how we can all get involved.

About our speakers: Rob Wise is the Founder and Managing Director of Be Collective. His passion for social responsibility in business began over 25 years ago with his family’s operation of The Body Shop (Australia/NZ) and subsequent involvement in other social enterprises through The Wise Foundation including The Big Issue, Buffedand Wise Barrista Program. In addition, Rob’s wider group WE Australia, delivers services in the areas of Information Technology, Advisory, and Design & Construction. Mandy Burns is Director of Stakeholder Development for Be Collective. A keen advocate for social justice, mobilising community and supporting children and young people to realise their potential, Mandy is also a registered psychologist. She was the inaugural CEO of Ardoch Youth Foundation, a national charity supporting vulnerable children’s learning and wellbeing and has held numerous not-for-profit board roles. Mandy led the networking and support of NFP Women as CEOs and has received recognition for her work through scholarships, the 2009 Victorian Children’s Community Award and the 2012 Telstra Business Women’s Award for Community and Government in Victoria.

Join us to hear how Be Collective is taking volunteering and community engagement to the next level. Register by 25 April (cost $15) to enjoy RSM Australia's renowned hospitality, network with other WOMANZ members and learn more about how you can join the volunteering revolution.

RSM Australia


5.30 to 8.00PM





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