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Be Collective – it's about what you can, when you can

Wow! What an inspirational and challenging evening. Following up on our successful keynote – here's all you need to know about Be Collective.

We're not sure about you, but we left the RSM offices with a buzz about what Mandy and Rob delivered at our keynote event. What a fantastic and forward thinking presentation; it certainly left us thinking about our social purpose in not just our careers and businesses but within our wider communities as well.

If you weren't able to attend our latest keynote address last Thursday night, we are excited to share our key insights and deliver some easy next steps and "how to's" on getting involved in this great initiative.

What's more, WOMANZ has set up a group on Be Collective, so stay tuned for opportunities to get involved as we aim to grow our community, share strengths and develop relationships further across our network.

What is Be Collective?

Be Collective is your digital gateway to helping your community and realising your positive social impact. Find volunteer opportunities, join groups, run events, manage people and engage new audiences. Be Collective has something for everyone.

How can I (personal volunteer) get involved?

Be Collective helps you find opportunities that best match your skills, interests, availability and location. It maps out all of the volunteer opportunities available in your community and beyond so you can pick what works for you, in real time.

With a Be Collective profile you can volunteer your time, create and run events, connect with like-minded people and record your activity with a CV that tells the story of your personal social impact.

How can I (business) get involved?

Be Collective makes volunteering easy, connecting people, businesses and groups to causes they care about and providing the organisation with opportunities that align to their core values and the interests of their employees.With Be Collective’s sophisticated reporting tools, you can be sure giving back to your community is sustainable in the long-term. Be Collective will turn your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts into something your whole organisation can be proud of.

Next steps?

Here's a guide on how to set up your profile

Contact to find out more?

or visit

Until next time,

Your WOMANZ committee




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